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December 22

  • US Approves Aussie Adult Stem Cell Trial (Daily Telegraph)
  • Adult Stem Cell Technique Could Help Kids Avoid Root Canal (HealthDay)
  • Baby’s Cord Blood Stem Cells a Gift of Hope (National Post)

December 14

  • Americans’ Support for Embryonic Stem Cell Research Declines (Newswise)

December 8

  • Tooth Stem Cells (WGAL)
  • Hawaii: Umbilical Cord Blood of Local Goes Global (Star Bulletin)

December 6

December 1

  • Michigan: State Senate passes bills for adult stem cell research (AP)
  • UK: Stem cell cure hope for back pain (BBC)

November 21

  • Adult Stem Cells Give Hope for Healing (Fox News)

November 17

  • Orlando Hospital Teams With Stem Cell Blood Bank (WESH)
  • Heart Valves Grown From Womb Fluid Cells (AP)

November 16

  • Stem Cells Help Dogs With Dystrophy (AP)

November 15

  • Amniotic Stem Cells Offer Hope Against Congenital Heart Defects (Washington Post)
  • Scientists spur growth of adult brain stem cells

November 14

  • Minnesota: University researchers making strides in stem cell technology (The Minnesota Daily)
  • Pennsylvania: State Lawmaker Pushes for Cord Blood Awareness (abc27)

November 12

  • Using The Body’s Own Stem Cells To Grow New Arteries(abc7)

November 8

November 7

  • Australia: Eye experts showcase new treatments for glaucoma (ABC Sydney)

November 6

  • Umbilical Cord Blood Banking: India set to be key player (NewKerala)

November 3

November 2

  • U Of MN Researchers Turn Cord Blood Into Lung Cells (mediLexicon)

October 31

  • Liver cells grown from cord blood (BBC)

October 30

  • UK: Northeast Scientists Grow Artificial Liver (The Northern Echo)
  • Saudi Arabia: Young Saudi couples turning to stem cell procedure for kids (The Muslim News)

October 27

  • Warner Lends Name to Anti-Stem Cell Ad (AP)

October 26

  • India : Stem cell transplant: a ray of hope for thalassemic children (The Hindu)

October 24

  • A sobering setback in stem-cell research (
  • Pennsylvania: Stem cell treatment helps former police officer (MSNBC)

October 19

  • New DVD seeks to clear up stem cell confusion (BP)

October 18

October 16

  • Feds Promote Donation of Umbilical Cords (Forbes)

October 12

  • Stem cell collection centre opened (The Hindu)
  • Celebrating Saving Lives (CW11)

October 9

  • Australia: Scientist Accuses Colleagues of Putting Ambition Before Life (The Australian)

September 22

September 21

September 19

September 17

  • Adult stem cells show wider potential than previously thought (ACS News Service)

September 16

September 15

September 13

  • Coaxing More From Adult Stem Cells (Web MD)

August 24

  • Adult stem cells are touchy-feely, need environmental clues (EurekaAlert)

August 23

  • Mesoblast’s First Stem Cell Patient Walks Unaided (

August 22

  • Implants, [bone marrow] stem cells tried to grow cartilage in knee (AP)
  • Cord Blood Registry’s Newborn Possibilities Program (Washington Times)

August 18

  • Cord Blood Stem Cells May Help Bergen, NJ Boy Fight Diabetes (The Record)
  • Shanghai: First umbilical cord blood bank opens (Shanghai Daily)

August 16

  • New source of replacement brain cells found (LiveScience)
  • Researchers Find Healing Potential in Everyday Human Brain Cells (Newswise)

August 10

  • With few factors, adult cells take on character of embryonic stem cells (Cell Press)

August 2

July 29

June 19

  • Hope For Sickle Cell Patients (CBS News)

June 16

  • Stem Cell Superpowers Exposed: Conversion Factor For Adult Cells Could Sidestep Cloning Controversy (Nature News)

June 15

June 14

June 10

  • Bone Marrow may Restore Cells Lost in Vision Diseases (The Hindu)
  • UK: Hospital Gives in on Harvest of Stem Cells (The Sunday Times)

June 9

  • Dubai: New Cord Blood Bank to Conduct Stem Cell Research (Gulf
  • GE Partners with New York Blood Center on Cord Blood Storage(WTN

June 6

  • Illinois: Governor signs Righter cord blood bill (JG-TC)

June 4

  • Don Ho’s Heart Doctor Pitches To Hawaii Clients (MSNBC)
  • Waverly Teenager To Join Stem Cell Debate In D.C. (

June 1

  • Gene Silencing Directs Muscle-derived Stem Cells To Become Bone-forming Cells (Medical News Today)

May 31

May 29

  • Can Patients’ Own Stem Cells Fight Heart Disease? (Pioneer Press)

May 26

May 23

  • New Jersey Catholic Hospitals To Support Adult Stem Cell Research (AP)

May 22

May 5

  • MS Woman in [Cord Blood] Stem Sell Therapy Hope (BBC)
  • Benefits of umbilical cord blood banking highlighted (Jordan Times)

May 4

  • Saving Lives With Adult Stem Cells (11Alive)

May 2

May 1

April 14

April 12

April 11

  • Stem Cell Transplants Reverse Neurological Damage in Animals (Kerala)

April 10

April 4

March 8

February 15

February 1

  • One’s Own Stem Cells May Treat Lupus   (AP)

January 29

  • Muscle Stem Cells Transformed Into Cartilage   (HealthDay)

January 24

  • ‘Cocktail’ Helps Adult Stem Cells Thrive in Lab  (HealthDay)

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