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December 19

  • Congress OKs Database of Umbilical Cord Blood (AP)

December 15

  • Adult Stem Cells ‘Fusion Hope’  (BBC)
  • South Korean Cell Scientist Faked Results According to Collaborator  (Reuters)

December 14

December 7

  • Don Ho Recovering From Stem Cell Procedure (AP)

December 1

  • Cord Blood Stem Cells Key To Saving Lives (NBC)
  • Stem Cell Surgery In S. Korea  (ABC)

November 16

November 13

  • Study: Bone Marrow Cells Improve Heart After Attack (Reuters)

November 11

  • New Device Provides a Major Boost to Adult Stem Cell Research (

October 24

October 9

August 23

August 10

  • Compound Can Hasten Harvest of Adult Stem Cells (Health Day)

August 09

  • New Zealand: New Adult Stem Cell Surgery for Paraplegics Could be Done in Dunedin (NZPA)

August 08

  • Texas: State’s First Cord-Blood Bank Opens its Doors (AP)

June 20

June 19

  • Breakthrough Isolating Embryo-quality Stem Cells From Blood (Science Daily)

May 24

  • Bone Marrow Stem Cell Hope for Liver Disease (BBC)
  • Paralyzed Lynn Man Has Surprising View on Stem Cell Debate (Daily Stem)

May 23

May 13

May 6

May 4

  • BioE First to Clone and Commercialize Multipotent Stem Cell Lines Derived from Human Umbilical Cord Blood (Genetic Engineering News)
  • Regenetech Announces Adult Stem Cells Safe (Business Wire)

April 29

  • Pioneering Stem-Cell Surgery Has Restored One Mother’s Sight (Daily Telegraph)

April 20

April 19

  • Mother Cures Daughter of Diabetes (BBC) (HealthDay) (USA Today)
  • Bulgaria Succeeds in Unique [Bone Marrow] Stem Cells Surgery (Sofia News Agency)
  • Parents Saving Umbilical Cord Blood, Just in Case (AP)

April 18

  • Study: Umbilical Cord Blood Needed (AP)
  • South Korea: Second Cord Blood Stem Cell Operation Planned for Patient Hwang (Korea Times)

April 13

  • International Stem Cell Meeting Reports Pluripotent Stem Cells Isolated From Placenta (PRNewswire)

April 11

  • Researcher Takes Adult Stem Cell Research Another Step (Science Daily)
  • New Tool Gleans Stem Cells from Adults (UPI)

April 08

  • Cells That Go Back in Time (Wired)

March 29

  • Israeli Therapy Uses Adult Stem Cells to Treat Parkinson’s Disease (Israel21c)
  • Helping Hearing-Impaired Using Stem Cells, Indiana University Researchers (Medical News Today)
  • Australian MP: No Need for More Stem Cell Embryos (AAP)
  • Hair is Good Source of Stem Cells (BBC)

March 24

  • Scientists Grow Adult Stem Cells from Nose (Reuters)

March 23

  • Seoul Blood Bank Freezes Assets for Breakthrough Cord Blood Stem Cell Therapy (AFP)

March 22

  • Adult Stem Cells Can Produce Brain Cells (HealthDay)
  • Potential Seen in Adult Stem Cells (CNN)

March 21

March 18

  • New Mexico: Bill Promoting Umbilical Cord Blood Donation Goes to Governor (AP)
  • Ethical Reflection Urged Before Stem-Cell Research (Washington Times)
  • Adult Stem Cell Breakthrough (News Weekly)

March 17

  • Researcher: Scientists Need to Ponder Ethics Before Experimentation (The Business Journal)
  • Adult Stem Cell Transplantation Shows Promise against Refractory Crohn’s Disease (Reuters)

March 16

  • Medicare Expands Stem Cell Coverage, Prostate Cancer Drug (Dow Jones)
  • Lifesaving Cord Blood Campaign Seeks Minorities’ Aid (AP)

March 15

  • Brain’s Own Stem Cells Might Fight Alzheimer’s (HealthDay)

March 14

  • Stem Cells, Minus the Furor (Business Week)
  • Maryland General Assembly: Stone Co-Sponsors Bill Favoring Adult Stem Cell Research (Dundalk Eagle)

March 10

  • Missouri: Use of Adult Stem Cells Advocated Instead of Embryonic Cloning (News Tribune)
  • Possibility of Growing New Teeth Envisioned (Reuters)
  • Pancreatic Cell Transplant Offers Hope of Breakthrough for Diabetes Patients (AFP)
  • Study: Injection of Muscle Cells Aids Heart Attack Patients (KRT)

March 08

March 04

  • Massachusetts: Four Bishops Condemn Stem Cell Proposal (Boston Globe)

March 02

February 28

February 25

  • Study Examines Bone Marrow Stem Cells’ Potential To Help Heart Patients (KXAN)

February 24

  • Boston: Cord-Blood Stem-Cell Option Eyed by Councilor (Boston Globe)

February 18

  • Bone Marrow Stem Cells May Allow Patients to Grow Own Transplant Organs or Implants (Net Doctor)

February 17

  • Alabama Boy Woos Capitol Hill in Marrow Transplant Campaign (AP)

February 16

February 15

  • Foundation Steers Families Toward Cord-Blood Transplants (Buffalo News)

February 14

  • Adult Stem Cells Give Heart Patient New Lease on Life (Review Journal)
  • First Partial Pancreas Transplant a Success (New Scientist)
  • Umbilical Stem Cells May Treat Blindness (UPI)
  • Three-Year Old Donates Bone Marrow to Save Five-Year Old Brother (WAVY)

February 11

  • Bone Marrow Stem Cell Research May Hold Promise for Treating Alzheimer’s (UCF Press Release)
  • Cord Blood Research Presents New Hope for Blind (The Korea Times)

February 10

  • Cardiac Stem Cells Found in Newborns (HealthDay)

February 09

  • University of Toronto Team Discovers Stem Cell Jackpot (The Star)

February 08

February 07

February 04

  • Bush Signals Tougher Embryo Research Limits (Reuters)

February 03

  • Brazil to Study Use of Bone Marrow Stem Cells in Heart Treatment (AFP)
  • New Mexico: Lawmaker Brings Home the Stem-Cell Discussion (The New Mexican)
  • Stem Cells, Bioethics Discussed at University of Georgia Forum (Red and Black)

February 02

January 26

  • Adult Stem Cell Therapy Improves Heart Failure (Reuters)
  • Bone Marrow Cells Help Heart Failure in Experiment (Reuters)
  • Researchers Find Local Environment Directly Influences Adult Stem Cell Reservoirs (Innovations Report)

January 25

  • Aastrom Biosciences Says It Uses Adult Stem Cells (Reuters)

January 24

  • Hawaii: Cord Blood Bank Hopes to Build on its Lifesaving Success (Star Bulletin)
  • Texas Governor Opposes Embryonic Stem Cell Research (AP)
  • Device Shows Promise for Spinal Cord Injury (HealthDay)

January 21

  • Success Stories with Adult Stem Cells Coming in Almost Too Fast to Track (LifeSite)
  • Good Results from Autologous Stem Cell Transplants for HIV Lymphomas (Cancer Consultants)

January 20

  • Spleen Surprise Source of Stem Cells (HealthDay)
  • Cord Blood Transplantation Now A Viable Option For Adult Leukemia Patients (Medical News Today)

January 19

  • Paraplegic Improving After Adult Stem-Cell Implant (Knight Ridder)

January 11

  • Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells Utilized by USF Researchers to Treat Heart Attack in Animals (WSTM)

January 05

  • Stem Cells From Umbilical Cord Treat Heart Attack (Health India)

January 04

  • StemCells to Start Small Trial of Brain Stem Cells (Reuters)


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