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December 27

December 26

December 23

  • Umbilical-Cord Blood Uses (WNDU)

December 22

December 21

  • Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapy for Cystic Fibrosis? (Post Gazette)

December 20

  • After Baby’s Grim Diagnosis, Parents Try Drastic Treatment (New York Times)

December 17

  • Stem Cells From Fat Used to Repair Skull (AP)

December 16

  • Cord Blood Transplant Baby Stuns Experts (BBC)
  • Adult Stem Cells To Treat Liver Harm (BBC)

December 13

December 10

  • Retinal Stem Cell Transplants Help Mice See (Reuters)
  • Neural Crest Stem Cells In Skin Could Provide Alternative To Embryonic Stem Cell Use (Medical News Today)
  • Bone Marrow Stem-Cell Miracle Thriving (The Gazette)

December 09

  • Marrow Stem Cell Implant Effective in Treating Cerebral Infarction (The Korea Times)

December 08

  • Cord Blood Works Well In Adults, Kids (AP)
  • Cord Blood May Offer Medical Grail (London Free Press)

December 07

  • New Hope for Paralyzed Woman–Non-Embryonic Stem Cells (Telegraph)

December 02

  • Successes From Non-Embryonic Stem Cell Research Mount (BP)

November 30

  • Muscle-Derived Stem Cells To Cure Incontinence (BBC)
  • Illinois: Plastic Surgeons Reveal Wrinkles In Hynes’ Stem Cell Research Plan (Illinois Leader)

November 29

  • Paralyzed Woman Walks Again After [Umbilical Cord] Stem Cell Therapy (AFP) (The Korea Times)
    [Editor’s note (01/23/06) — Recent news reports have
    cast doubts on the veracity of this story’s claim. See also:
    Hwang myth’ spurs dubious stem cell tests (International
    Herald Tribune
  • Adult Stem Cells to Fix the Heart (Fortune)

November 22

  • Non Embryonic Stem Cell Treatment Allows Paralyzed Brazilian To Walk, Talk Again (AFP)
  • New Technique Eyed In Stem-Cell Debate (Boston Globe)

November 19

  • Muscle Stem Cells Seen As Potential Source for Fresh Nerve Tissue (AFP)
  • Illinois Embryonic Stem-Cell Research Bill Turned Down (Chicago Tribune)

November 15

November 12

November 11

  • Scientists Seek Adult Stem Cell Pacemaker (BBC)

November 09

  • Non-Embryonic Stem Cell Treatment Offers Hope For Cardiac Patients (NetDoctor)

November 03

  • Scientists Tout Method of Attacking Tumors With Mesenchymal Stem Cells (AP)

October 13

  • Stem-Cell Debate Said to Distract from Other Moral Issues (CNS)

October 12

  • Illinois Seeks Donations of Umbilical-Cord Blood (The Dispatch)

October 4

  • To Find Stem Cells, Scientists Focus On Fat (MSNBC)

September 30

  • Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Reduce Stroke Damage (HealthDay)

September 29

  • Trial Adult Stem Cell and Gene Therapy Combo May Fight Genetic Disorders (HealthDay)

September 17

  • Researchers Working On Using Bone Marrow Stem Cells To Make Living Glue To Secure Artificial Joints (Canadian Press)
  • Bone Marrow Stem Cells Save Vision in Mice with Retinal Malady (Reuters)

September 9

  • Non Embryonic Stem Cells Arrest Brain Damage (BBC)

August 30

August 27

  • Mesh Cage, Growth Chemical, and Bone Marrow Stem Cells Used to Grow New Jaw Bone (AP)

August 26

  • Adult Stem Cells Put Woman’s Arthritis in Remission (Reuters)

August 25

  • Umbilical-Cord Stem Cells Infuse Kin With Hope (Denver Post)
  • Myeloma Institute Gets $18 Million Grant for Bone Marrow Stem-Cell Transplants (AP)

August 23

  • New Poll: Americans Prefer Funding Stem Cell Research That Does Not Require Destroying Human Embryos (USCCB)
  • Pancreas Stem Cells for Diabetes (BBC)
  • Las Vegan in Stem Cell Study (Las Vegas Review Journal)

August 20

August 18

  • Ailing Lawyer Wins Stem Cell “Lottery” (New York Lawyer)
  • Stem Cell Transplant Likely For Kailee Wells (AP)
  • Adult Stem Cell Research Targets Cerebral Palsy (EurekAlert)

August 16

  • Expert On Stem Cells Exhorts St. Louis Catholics To Understand Issue (St. Louis Review)

July 29

  • Bone Marrow Stem Cell Procedure Stimulates Cartilage Growth to Heal Knees (IBS)
  • Adult Stem Cells Treating MS (
  • Ron Reagan’s Speech to Dems on Stem Cell Research Deceptive, Dangerous, Ethicists Say (BP)

July 28

July 22

July 21

  • Adult Stem Cell Industry Experiences Rapid Growth, Clinical Successes (LifeNews)

July 09

July 07

June 24

  • Paralysis Patients Tout Adult Stem Cells (WebMD)

June 10

  • Embryonic Stem Cells An Unlikely Therapy for Alzheimer’s (Washington Post)
  • Bush Opposes Using Embryos for Research (AP) (Reuters) (CNN)

June 02

  • Bone Marrow Stem Cells Can Convert to Liver Tissue, Help Restore Damaged Organ (Science Blog)

June 01

  • German Doctors Say They Create New Stem-Cell Method (Reuters)

May 27

May 24

May 12

  • Regeneration of Injured Muscle From Adult Stem Cells
    (Medical News Today)
  • Adult Stem Cell Transplant a Success in Rats

May 08

May 07

  • Stem Cells from Human Fat Turned into Bone Cells (AP)
  • Great Transformations: Adult Stem Cell Successes at Tulane U.

May 06

  • Research Center Reports Stem-Cell Breakthrough (AP)
  • Cord Blood Stem Cells Saving Kids With Rare Disorder (Health Day)

May 05

  • Umbilical Cord Blood Treats Rare Inherited Disorder

May 04

  • President’s Bioethics Chairman Says Report Misused

May 03

  • New Teeth from Own Stem Cells (Sky News)

April 30

April 28

April 26

  • One’s Own Stem Cells Could Repair Heart

April 20

April 15

April 14

April 08

  • Medical Miracle: Adult Stem Cell Surgery Shows Promise (Sun

April 06

April 05

March 31

  • Non Embryonic Stem Cells Help Attack Cancer in Mice (Reuters)

March 29

  • University of Florida Stem Cell Researchers Treat Diabetes by Coaxing Cells to Change (UF News)

March 26

  • Oregon Health & Science University to Study Stem Cells (The Oregonian)

March 25

  • Researchers Say Adult Stem Cells Could Help Against Diabetes (WIS)
  • USC to Pursue Non-Embryonic Stem Cell Research (North County Times)
  • Heart Attack Research Wins Prestigious Award (NZZ)
  • Oregon Health & Science University Stem Cell Research Program Finds a Home (Portland Business Journal)

March 18

March 15

  • Researchers: Non Embryonic Stem Cells May Cure Baldness (AP)
  • Scientists Trying to Make Old Cells Young (AP)

March 12

  • UCI Study Identifies How New Neurons Grow In Adult Brain (ScienceDaily)

March 11

  • Reprogrammable Cells From Fat Are True Adult Stem Cells (Science Daily)
  • Study of Mice Reproduction Discovers Females’ Own Stem Cells Regenerate Eggs (New York Times) (USA Today) (ABC News)
  • New Findings Raise Hope of Better Using Patients’ Own Cells to Attack Cancer (UPI)

March 08

  • Harvard-Created Embryonic Stem Cells No Better than NIH Lines

March 07

March 06

  • Fat Cells Boost Blood Vessel Growth

March 05

March 01

  • Bush Replaces Two on Bioethics Panel (AP) (Reuters)

February 24

February 18

  • Cord Blood Stem Cell Help for Spinal Injury (ONE News)

February 17

  • Cord Blood Stem Cells Aid Repair of Hearts
    (The Telegraph)
  • Children Treated With Stem Cells

February 09

February 06

January 29

  • Adult Stem Cells Curb Osteoarthritis in Goats (Reuters)

January 23

  • New NU Stem-Cell Gel Advances Spinal Injury Research (Chicago Tribune)
  • Legislation to Create a National Cord Blood Stem Cell Bank Program Passed by Congress (PR Newswire)

January 14

  • California: Budget Ax Looms On Stem-Cell Research (Mercury News)

January 13

  • Israel: Knesset Panel to Reconsider Ban on Cloning (Haaretz)

January 12

January 06


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