Are Stem Cells Really the Key to Making Humans Live Longer?

(Wired) – To some longevity acolytes, stem cells promise the secret to eternal youth. For a hefty fee, you can pay a startup to extract your own stem cells and cryogenically freeze them, in the hope that they can one … Read More

DNA Damage Linked to Brain Overgrowth in Autism

(The Scientist) – Researchers have shown previously that excessive proliferation of the cells of the brain, which can cause macrocephaly, or large head size, is associated with autism. Now, the authors of a study published in Cell Stem Cell last week … Read More

“Mini Brains” Are Not Like the Real Thing

(Scientific American) – The idea of scientists trying to grow brain tissue in a dish conjures up all sorts of scary mental pictures (cue the horror-movie music). But the reality of the research is quite far from that sci-fi vision—and … Read More

“Organoids” Reveal How Human Forebrain Develops

(Scientific American) – Enter the invention of brain “organoids”: cells grown in 3-D clusters in the lab and designed to mimic the composition of the organ’s tissue. The technology recently reached the point where specific brain regions can be modelled … Read More

An Ethical Future for Brain Organoids Takes Shape

(Quanta) – In the popular imagination, fueled by over-the-top descriptions of organoids as “mini-brains,” these questions often center on whether the tissue might become conscious and experience its unnatural existence as torture. The more immediate, realistic concerns that trouble experts … Read More

Research on Embryo-Like Structures Struggles to Win US Government Funding

(Nature) – Scientists can now create clumps of cells that resemble human embryos, raising hopes that they could study the elusive first stages of human development while avoiding the ethical concerns that make it difficult to study actual human embryos. … Read More

Previously Unseen Mutations in Stem Cells of Young Donors Can Be Passed to Recipients, Study Finds

(STAT News) – Doctors use stem cell transplants to treat patients with certain cancers or blood disorders. And donors, whose blood or bone marrow is used for the procedures, are typically young, for a variety of reasons. But a pilot … Read More

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