Stem-Cell Technology: The Only Constant Is Change

(GEN) – Far removed from stem cell services that offer only anecdotal evidence of efficacy, or no evidence at all, there are bona fide advances in stem cell research. These advances may not beguile a credulous public, but they are … Read More

Targeted Stem-Cell Attack Could Make Transplants Safer

(Nature) – Scientists are experimenting with ways to selectively target the body’s blood-making cells for destruction. Early studies in animals and people suggest that the approach could make blood stem-cell transplants — powerful but dangerous procedures that are used mainly … Read More

Gene-Edited ‘Supercells’ Make Progress in Fight Against Sickle Cell Disease

(NPR) – Doctors are reporting the first evidence that genetically edited cells could offer a safe way to treat sickle cell disease, a devastating, incurable disorder that afflicts millions of people around the world. Billions of cells that were genetically … Read More

First CRISPR Treatment for Blood Diseases Shows Early Benefits in Two Patients

(STAT News) – The first two patients to receive a CRISPR-based treatment for the inherited blood disorders sickle cell disease and beta thalassemia have benefited from the experimental therapy and experienced only temporary and treatable side effects, the companies developing … Read More

Ballot Initiative Takes Shape to Give California Stem Cell Agency a Second Life

(Science) – As California’s stem cell research agency runs through the last of its $3 billion in state funding, a delicate negotiation is underway between its leadership and the man developing the 2020 ballot initiative to keep it alive. Robert … Read More

How Unproven Stem Cell Therapies Are Costing Desperate Patients

(Texas Monthly) – On a Wednesday afternoon in September 2018, Dilley and her mother arrived at the Houston clinic and, while in the waiting room, chatted with the other patients. They learned that a few others were also from Brazoria … Read More

Oversight of ‘Right to Try’ Stem Cell Market Raises Concerns, Bioethicists Say

(S & P Global) – Already troubled by the murky oversight of the rapidly expanding U.S. direct-to-consumer marketplace of unapproved stem cell therapies, bioethicists are now raising concerns about a new pathway that at least one company is taking to … Read More

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