Unproven Stem Cell Therapy Gets OK for Testing in Coronavirus Patients

(The New York Times) – An experimental stem cell therapy derived from human placentas will begin early testing in patients with the coronavirus, a New Jersey biotech company said Thursday. The treatment, being developed by the company Celularity, has not … Read More

Scientists Have Reset Cells from a Supercentarian, Giving Clues to Their Extreme Longevity

(Newsweek) – Scientists have taken cells from a 114-year-old and reprogrammed them to be stem cells, effectively resetting the age to zero. The experiment could open the door to new fields of research relating to the aging process, researchers say. … Read More

Second Person Ever to Be Cleared of HIV Reveals identity

(The Guardian) – The second person ever to be cleared of HIV has revealed his identity, saying he wants to be an “ambassador of hope” to others with the condition. Adam Castillejo, the so-called London patient, was declared free of … Read More

CA Stem Cell Agency Lauds Multibillion-Dollar ’47’ Deal

(Capitol Weekly) – Forty Seven, Inc., was gobbled up last week for $4.9 billion by its neighbor, Gilead Sciences, Inc., in Foster City. The figure represents a 1,600 percent increase in Forty Seven’s stock price since last October. “To say … Read More

Canada Is Investing $6.9 Million in Stem Cell Research

(CTV News) – The Canadian government is investing almost $7 million in stem cell research and regenerative medicine. William Amos, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of innovation, Science and Industry, was at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital Monday to announce that $6.9 million … Read More

Stem Cells and the Heart–the Road Ahead

(Science) – Heart disease is the primary cause of death worldwide, principally because the heart has minimal ability to regenerate muscle tissue. Myocardial infarction (heart attack) caused by coronary artery disease leads to heart muscle loss and replacement with scar … Read More

Are Stem Cells Really the Key to Making Humans Live Longer?

(Wired) – To some longevity acolytes, stem cells promise the secret to eternal youth. For a hefty fee, you can pay a startup to extract your own stem cells and cryogenically freeze them, in the hope that they can one … Read More

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