Research on Embryo-Like Structures Struggles to Win US Government Funding

(Nature) – Scientists can now create clumps of cells that resemble human embryos, raising hopes that they could study the elusive first stages of human development while avoiding the ethical concerns that make it difficult to study actual human embryos. … Read More

Previously Unseen Mutations in Stem Cells of Young Donors Can Be Passed to Recipients, Study Finds

(STAT News) – Doctors use stem cell transplants to treat patients with certain cancers or blood disorders. And donors, whose blood or bone marrow is used for the procedures, are typically young, for a variety of reasons. But a pilot … Read More

First Direct Comparison of Stem Cells vs Drugs in MS Underway

(Medscape) – The first trial that will directly compare the safety and efficacy of stem cell transplantation to the best available drugs in the treatment of relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS) has launched. Investigators are examining whether a one-time transplantation of … Read More

The Risks Behind the Hype of Stem-Cell Treatments

(BBC) – Some private clinics are charging UK patients thousands of pounds for unproven and unregulated treatments using the “healing powers” of stem cells, the BBC has found. And experts are warning some of these “therapies” can cause significant harm. … Read More

Rogue Stem-Cell Salesman Davide Vannoni Dies

(Nature) – The disgraced stem-cell entrepreneur Davide Vannoni, who in the past decade treated hundreds of people in Italy with an unproven treatment that health authorities considered ineffective and potentially dangerous, died on 10 December after a long illness. He … Read More

Waning Treatment for Immune Deficiency Is a Warning for All ‘One-and-Done’ Therapies

(STAT News) – Then, when Ray was around 18, his immunity began to wane. For him, it came in the form of a norovirus he couldn’t shake. For others with the same rare disease, it appears as pneumonia or gastrointestinal … Read More

U.S. Agency Warns Company Marketing ‘Stem Cells’ for Autism

(Spectrum) – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has over the past week taken multiple actions against makers of stem-cell products. On 5 December, the agency warned California-based Liveyon that its unapproved stem cell products “put patients at risk” … Read More

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