Scientists Say They Just Created the World’s First 3D-Printed Heart

(Quartz) – The new experimental organ is tiny—about the size of a rabbit’s heart, or half the size of your thumb, say. It doesn’t yet beat, which means it can’t pump blood, and that of course is an extremely important … Read More

The FDA Sends Letters to 20 Companies in Attempt to Rein in Stem Cell Industry

(Washington Post) – The letters are part of an ongoing attempt by the FDA to rein in the booming industry , which critics say has injured dozens of patients and cheated thousands more. In recent years, hundreds of clinics have … Read More

Dozens of Clinics Market Risky Cell Therapies to Treat Eye Disorders

(Reuters) – Scores of clinics across the United States directly advertise expensive – but unproven – cell therapy procedures to patients with serious eye diseases, often with devastating results, a new study warns. Although there are no approved stem cell … Read More

Elite Hospitals Plunge Into Unproven Stem Cell Treatments

(Kaiser Health News) – It was sponsored by Swedish Medical Center, the largest nonprofit health provider in the Seattle area. Swedish is one of a growing number of respected hospitals and health systems — including the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland … Read More

Second Example Reported of a Stem-Cell Transplant in the Clinic Leading to HIV Remission

(Nature) – HIV infects immune cells, and the current standard treatment is long-term use of antiretroviral drugs. This keeps virus levels low in the bloodstream but doesn’t eradicate HIV from cells in the body. In 2009, it was reported1 that … Read More

Pregnancy Outcomes ‘Very Good’ After Stem Cell Transplant

(Medscape) – Women due to undergo hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) can be reassured that, even if they have to rely on artificial reproductive techniques (ART) to achieve a later pregnancy, the likelihood of the normal delivery or a normal … Read More

False Hope for Autism in the Stem Cell Underground

(Spectrum) – Many parents of autistic children are, like the Perskins, turning to social media to exchange information on stem cell clinics, which have proliferated in the United States and abroad over the past few years. These forums play down … Read More

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