Short on Cures and Cash–California’s Stem Cell Agency to Ask Voters for Billions More

(Sacramento Bee) – Californians voted in 2004 to shell out billions of dollars in taxpayer money to fund cutting-edge stem cell treatments. Proposition 71 could lead to cures for cancer, Alzheimer’s and other devastating diseases, voters were told. Actor Michael … Read More

Your New Heart Could Be Made in China

(Bloomberg) – Recently, a Chinese startup named Qihan Biotech raised $20 million to develop replacement organs for humans. The smallish deal would hardly have rated a headline, except for the fact that the Hangzhou-based gene-editing company is aiming to grow those … Read More

Stem Cell Treatment May Reverse Heart Attack Damage

(UPI) – Surviving a heart attack is good, but the resulting damage can lead to potentially deadly organ damage. While the heart does not regenerate tissue on its own, researchers may have a way of repairing damage with new tissue. … Read More

Superstar Athletes Popularize Unproven Stem Cell Procedures

(Kaiser Health News) – Baseball superstar Max Scherzer — whose back injury has prevented him from pitching for the Washington Nationals since he last played  on July 25 — is the latest in a long list of professional athletes to … Read More

Investigation into 170 U.S. Stem Cell Clinics Finds Some Scary Trends

(Gizmodo) – Medical clinics that provide largely unregulated stem cell treatments are popping up all over the U.S. But a new study out Thursday suggests that these clinics aren’t all the same, and some might be more likely to give … Read More

Before You Undergo Stem Cell Treatment

(U.S. News & World Report) – These days, there’s no shortage of bold claims being made about the overwhelming array of conditions that can be treated by stem cell therapy. Search online and you can essentially find “a stem cell … Read More

With Mini-Placentas and Mini-Brains, Scientists Try to Unravel the Roots of Psychiatric Disorders

(STAT News) – Biologist Jennifer Erwin of the Lieber Institute for Brain Development, however, has no intention of babying her organoids: the world’s first human placentas in a dish that were made from stem cells. Challenging as the half-millimeter-across organoids … Read More

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