Do No Harm Blog Post: Non-Embryonic Stem Cell “Alternatives” Again Taking the Lead

Date: 10/10/2014

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The New York Times has long been – and continues to be – a vocal advocate for human embryonic stem cell research (e.g., here).  From the time hESCs were first isolated in 1998, the Times has published numerous editorials endorsing the research and calling for federal funding of it.

So a recent Times story providing a look at where stem cell research stands today was – no doubt unintentionally – revealing.

In marked contrast to the delirious enthusiasm with which advocates promoted hESCR, promising it would lead to cures for virtually all diseases and conditions (one prominent politician at the time said human embryonic stem cells could become a “veritable fountain of youth”), the tone of the article is far more cautious and restrained in assessing what advances have actually been made to date in the field of  stem cell research.  (more . . .)