Capitol Hill Briefing – Patients First: Doctor and Patients on Current Adult Stem Cell Benefits

Date: 03/13/2008

U.S. Capitol Building, HC-9 — Thursday, March 13, 2008
Capitol Hill briefing by patients and the doctor who treated them on the therapeutic benefits already being realized with adult stem cell treatments.

Featured Speakers:

Dr. Richard Burt, MD

Dr. Burt’s most recent article, “Clinical Applications of Blood-Derived and Marrow-Derived Stem Cells for Nonmalignant Diseases” (Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), 2/27/2008), examined hundreds of studies that were conducted between January 1997 and December 2007, and found that therapies using blood- or bone-marrow derived stem cells can successfully and safely treat heart disease and autoimmune disorders.

In 2007, Dr. Burt, along with a team of Brazilian doctors, led a groundbreaking study that used adult stem cells to reverse Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes in patients. That study was also reported in JAMA, 4/11/07.


Amy Daniels, successfully treated with adult stem cells for Systemic Scleroderma

A year and a half ago I was writing a letter to my husband to let him know that it was okay to move on and love again, that it was okay to let the girls call another woman “mommy”.

I was trying to write down all of the wisdom, thoughts, lessons, ideas, memories and feelings that I had come to acquire over my 37 years into a short narrative. It would be something that my daughters could pick up in the future to find comfort in- The Unwanted Advice I would never be able to spew. (Full Article) (Video)


Jill Rosen, successfully treated with adult stem cells for antiphospholipid syndrome (a lupus-like disorder).

When asked to write a brief testimonial about my experience with my stem-cell transplant, I was immediately thrilled and petrified. Making this explanation brief seems nearly impossible. That said, I realized I could sum up my experience in one short sentence: My adult stem-cell transplant saved my life. As you read my experience, please understand that you are getting just a glimpse of what I consider the most important time in my life. (Full Article) (Video)


Barry Goudy, successfully treated with adult stem cells for Multiple Sclerosis

After four months devoted to my transplant and recovery, I went back to work symptom free in September of 2003. Part of a five year study, I follow up yearly with Dr. Burt. July of this year will mark my five year post transplant anniversary and I will celebrate five years of being free of any symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. I look forward to continuing to live an active, productive MS-free lifestyle that includes my work as well as playing racquetball, golf and coaching hockey. (Full Article) (Video)