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December 29

  • Regenerative Chemical Turns Muscle Cells Into Stem Cells (ScienceDaily)
  • Study: Double Stem-Cell Transplant Fights Cancer (AP)

December 12

December 11

  • Researchers Look To Stem Cell Therapy and Bone Marrow Transplants to Find Diabetes Cure (Science Daily)

December 08

  • AnorMED Announces New Stem Cell Transplantation Drug Candidate (T-Net)

December 03

December 02

  • U.S. May Revive Bid for U.N. Ban on Embryonic Stem Cell Research(Reuters)
  • Japan: Cloning Panel at Odds Over Embryonic Stem Cells(The Japan Times)

November 25

  • Massachusetts Legislature Drops Stem Cell Support(Boston Globe)

November 24

  • MIT Technique To Produce Large Numbers Of Adult Stem Cells(MIT News)

November 17

  • Feeling Restored After Paralysis with Non-Embryonic Stem Cells(BBC)

November 14

November 12

  • AP Issues Correction On Stem Cell Story(AP)

November 11

  • Pope Condemns Stem Cell Research(AP)
  • Efficient Cloning Process Still Eludes Scientists(AP)
  • Experts Criticize Approved Stem Cells(AP)

November 06

November 05

  • Singapore: Pro-Lifers to Meet Amid Push for Embryonic Research(CNS News)

October 23

October 14

  • Patient’s Own Stem Cells Help Heal Damaged Heart(Health Day)

October 09

September 17

September 11

  • Men Wanted-Must Have Good Stem Cells(Telegraph)

September 8

  • Vegas Teen Hopes Own Stem Cells Will Combat His Disease(Review Journal)

September 2

  • Stem Cells Extracted from Patients’ Own Bone Marrow Used to Rebuild Heart Tissue(Reuters)

September 1

  • Research Shows Body’s Naturally Occurring Stem Cells can Help Repair Hearts(Akron Beacon Journal)

August 28

  • Treatment Setback for Parkinson’s Patients (Health Day)

August 18

  • Scientists Doubt Chinese Claim of Rabbit-Human Clone (NewsMax)

August 13

August 11

August 7

    • First Consumer Education Campaign About Banking Cord Blood to Be Launched (PRNewswire)


August 4

July 31

  • New Mechanism for Gene Silencing Identified (EurekAlert!)

July 30

July 28

  • Louisiana: Woman Hopes Placental Stem Cells Will Help Her Brother (AP)

July 25

  • Illinois: Umbilical Cord Blood Expands Transplant Options(Daily Illini)

July 22

July 18

  • Immune “Invisibility” of Brain Stem Cells Proven(New Scientist)

July 14

July 10

  • EU Stem Cell Research Plan Faces Opposition(AP) (BBC)
  • Chemotherapy Plus Stem-Cell Transplantation May Reduce Relapse of High-Risk Breast Cancer(Doctor’s Guide)
  • Youth, HLA-Identical Donors Most Important in Stem Cell Transplantation for Sickle-Cell Anaemia(Doctor’s Guide)

July 7

  • Bone Marrow Holds Promise in Treatment of MS(Hartford Courant)
  • Stem-Like Cells from Peripheral Blood Restore Function in Rats with Severe Stroke(EurekAlert!)
  • EU to Adopt Stem Cell Research Rules This Week(Reuters)

June 27

  • Ottawa MDs Find Muscles Repair “Switch” In Adult Stem Cells(Ottawa Citizen)
  • Cord Stem Cell Lab Is UK First(Newsquest)

June 25

June 24

June 23

June 13

  • Teen’s Heart Doing Better After Stem Cell Therapy(Reuters Health)
  • New Stem Cell Surgery on Hold(Detroit News)
  • Study: Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Benefit Rodents with ALS, Spinal Cord Injury(Science Blog) (Business Wire)
  • Alternatives to Human Stem Cells Promoted(AP)

June 10

June 6

  • Faster Method for Growing Adult Stem Cells(EurekAlert!)

June 4

June 3

June 2

May 30

May 29

  • Scientists Regenerate Cell Key to Hearing(AP)

May 18

  • Anti-Abortion Group Plans ‘Campus’: Stem Cells, Cloning Among Topics to Be Studied at Stanford(Washington Post)

May 17

May 15

  • Michigan House Committee Votes to Ban Embryonic Stem Cell Imports(AP)
  • Gene Therapy Offers Ray of Hope for the Blind(The Mercury)
  • Stem Cells: A Gene for ‘Stemness'(Nature)
  • Cells May One Day Help Treat Damaged Livers(Science Daily)
  • Americans Support Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Oppose Cloning(Chicago Sun-Times)

May 12

May 9

May 8

May 7

May 6

May 5

May 4

  • Cancer Said Side Effect of Gene Therapy(AP)

May 1

  • European Parliament Bans Stem Cell Research(Nature)
  • St. Jude Researchers Reverse Blood Diseases Using Genetically Modified
    Stem Cells(St.
    ) (DataMonitor)

April 29

April 28

April 25

  • Adult Stem Cells Shown to Develop into All Brain Cell Types(University
  • Marine Donates Stem Cells to Brother with Cancer(AP)

April 24

April 22

April 21

April 17

April 15

April 14

  • Cancer Patient to Receive Stem Cell Transplant(Coventry Courier)
  • Illinois: Law Would Make Women Aware of Donating Umbilical Cord Blood(Daily Journal)

April 11

April 10

  • Study: Stem Cell Transplant Should Be Tried First With Multiple Myeloma(HealthScout News)

April 9

  • Nebraska: Cloning, Stem Cell and Tissue Research Bills Advance to Legislative Floor(Lincoln Journal Star)

April 8

  • Promising Results in Parkinson’s Trial Using Hormone and Not Stem Cells(New York Times)

April 7

April 3

April 2

April 1

March 31

March 28

  • Couples Must Choose Destiny for Frozen Embryos with Federal Ban in Mind(Seattle Times)

March 27

March 26

March 25

March 24

March 17

  • Mouth Cells Treat Eyes(BBC)

March 15

March 14

March 13

  • Switzerland: Parliament Backs Stem Cell Research(Swiss Info)

March 10

  • Adult Brain Could Be Stem Cell Source(UPI) (Nature)
  • Nail-Gun Shooting Victim Home after Pioneering Stem Cell Treatment(Flint Journal)
  • Study Reports Progress Using Adult Stem Cells to Generate Heart Valve Tissue in Sheep(Heart Center)

March 6

March 5

  • Stem Cell Surprise: Blood Cells form Liver, Nerve Cells(Science News)
  • Teen 1st in World to Get Experimental Stem Cell Heart Treatment(Beaumont Hospitals)

March 4

  • Tests of Cell Transplants Offer Hope To Diabetics(Newsday)

February 25

February 24

  • Heart Attack Victims to Get Stem Cell Trial(Reuters)
  • Canada: ‘Surplus’ Embryos? No Such Thing(National Post)

February 21

  • Florida Senate President Desires to Create Stem Cell Research Lab for Legacy(St. Petersburg Times)

February 19

  • Adult Stem Cells May Help Organ Transplant(Reuters)
  • Adult Stem Cell Research Is Preferable to Cloning(Washington Post)

February 17

February 12

February 11

February 7

February 1

January 31

January 30

  • Australia: Stem Cell Research Led by the Nose(The Age)

January 29

  • ‘Superman’ Reeve Says Stem Cell Research Inevitable(Reuters)

January 28

  • Stem Cells Not the Only Option, Spinal Forum Told (ABC News)

January 24

  • Liver Converted to Pancreas(Nature)
  • Reeve Says Spinal Repair Human Trials Under Way(Reuters)
  • Key Questions Loom Over Effort to Energize Research(Science)

January 22

  • Tissue Engineers Create New Heart Stents(UPI)

January 21

January 17

January 8

  • First Patent Granted for Transplantation of Human Neural Stem Cells(PR Newswire)

January 7

  • Children at Risk After Stem Cell Transplant(Reuters)

January 6

  • Jailed Connecticut Man Donates Stem Cells(AP)

January 3

  • Germany: Bone Marrow Stem Cells May Regenerate Heart Tissue: Study(ABC News) (BBC) (Ananova)

January 2

  • World Scientists To Collaborate On Stem Cell Project(AP) (KYW News)

January 1

  • Embryonic Stem Cells Injected Into the Mouse Knee Joint Form Teratomas and Subsequently Destroy the Joint(Rheumatology)

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