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December 26

  • Kidneys May Be Made from Pig Stem Cells (AAP)

December 21

December 20

  • Bone Marrow Stem Cells Used to Create Brain Cells (Reuters)

December 18

  • Athersys Wants to Start Center for Stem Cell Research (Plain Dealer)

December 16

December 13

  • Stanford to Develop Human Stem Cells, Despite White House Objections (ABC News)
  • New Stanford Institute Is to Study Controversial Stem Cell Manipulation (New York Times)
  • Stanford University Scientists Irked Over ‘Misunderstanding’ by Media (ABC News) (AP)
  • U Stem Cell Rights Purchased (Minnesota Daily)
  • Use of Embryonic Stem Cells Premature (Mainichi Shimun)

December 12

  • Politically Correct’ Stem Cell Is Licensed to Biotech Concern (New York Times)
  • University of Minnesota Grants Rights to Develop Adult Stem-Cell Technology (Pioneer Press)

December 10

  • UK: Stem Cell Project to be Biggest in World (Telegraph)
  • Sickle Cell Transplants Successful (AP)

December 09

  • French Doctors Say Stem Cells Can Cure Children with Sickle Cell Disease (AP) (BBC)

December 06

  • Cloned Stem Cells Could ‘Reboot’ Immune System (Reuters)

December 02

November 18

  • Stem Cells Treat Diabetes in Mice (MSNBC)


  • Stem Cell Companies Struggle to Survive (AP)
  • Shift in Government Control Raises Questions About Stem-Cell Research (Badger Herald)


November 08

October 29

  • Molecule Multiplies Stem Cells in Human Cord Blood (Reuters)
  • Stem Cell Hope for Cancer Patients (BBC)

October 23

October 17

  • Pact to Have Louisiana Hospitals Save Placenta Stem Cells (The Advocate)

September 27

  • Prolifers in Australia Hope Senate Will Not Pass Stem Cell Legislation (CNS News)

September 26

  • Researchers Grow Teeth from Stem Cells in Mass. Lab (AP)

September 24

September 20

September 18

  • From Two Deadly Diseases, a Possible Treatment (Boston Globe)

September 10

  • Hopes Raised of Using Adult Stem Cells for Treating Muscular Dystrophy (New York Times)

September 03

  • Trapping a Human in a Cell (Washington Times)
  • Stem Cells Are Kick in the Teeth for Dentures (IOL)

August 29

August 28

August 27

August 26

  • Australia: Quick Decision Unlikely On Australian Embryonic Research (CNS News)
  • Umbilical Cord Stem-Cell Banks Start in South Africa (Health24)

August 23

August 22

  • Australia: Stem Cell Research Like Murder: Liberal MP (Ninemsn)

August 20

  • Australia: Parliament Set for Tension-Filled Debate on Stem Cell Bill (Australian Broadcasting Corp)
  • Australia: Supporters, Critics Lobby Furiously Ahead Of Embryo Research Debate (CNS News)

August 16

  • Univ. of Louisville Success Shows Embryos Unneeded (Kentucky Post)
  • Florida: Grant Awarded to Fund Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Studies (Business Journal)

August 15

August 14

August 13

August 12

August 09

  • Stem Cells from Bone Marrow May Save Limbs (AP) (Reuters) (BBC)

August 08

  • Teeth Grown from Adult Stem Cells (BBC)

August 06

August 05

August 01

  • EU Delays Financing of Embryonic Stem Cell Research (Reuters)

July 31

July 30

July 29

July 26

  • Hydra Bioscience, Inc. Hopes to Profit By Regenerating Human Tissue (Boston Globe)

July 25

July 24

  • Scientists Say Restarting Silent Genes Could Restore Lost Body Parts, Tissue (The Blade)

July 23

July 22

July 17

July 16

  • Korea: Government Set to Clear Embryos for Use in Medical Research (Korea Herald)

July 15

July 12

  • Germany’s Strict New Stem Cell Law Takes Effect (Reuters)

July 11

  • Australia: Doctors Aim to Cure Paralysis with Nose Cells (BBC) (New Scientist)

July 10

  • Umbilical Blood Touted as Alternative to Embryonic Stem Cells (Montreal Gazette)

July 9

July 8

July 3

  • Muscle Stem Cells Show Promise Against Muscular Dystrophy (Niams) (Science Daily)
  • New Hope for Spinal Cord and Traumatic Brain Injury (Content Wire)

July 2

  • Bioengineered Corneal Graft Could Restore Sight (Content Wire)

June 28

June 26

June 21

  • New Zealand: Umbilical Cord Blood Bank Gets First Deposit (Dominion)

June 20

June 21

June 20

  • Pluripotency of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Derived From Adult Marrow (Nature)
  • Causing Injured Nerve Cells In Rats To Regenerate (UniSci)

June 18

  • Australia: Cancer, AIDS Hope from Epithelium Stem Cell Study (CNN) (Reuters)
  • Researchers Use Adult Stem Cells to Repair Vocal Cords (Reuters)

June 17

June 07

  • Cord Blood Cells Improve Rats’ Neurological Recovery from Brain Injury (Science Daily)

June 06

  • Adult Stem Cells Save Another Lupus Patient (WebMD) (UniSci)

June 04

June 03

May 29

  • President’s Council Bioethics Member, Robert P. George, Opposes Stem-Cell Research (Charleston Gazette)

May 27

  • Stem Cell Muscular Dystrophy Promise (BBC)
  • Debate Over Stem Cell Origins Continues (The Scientist)

May 24

  • Adult Cells Grow in Scaffolds to Form New Blood Vessels and Organs (Content Wire)

May 15

May 09

  • Liposuction a Novel Source of Stem Cells (MSNBC)

May 08

  • Australian Scientists May Be Only 1 Year Away from Clinical Trials for Parkinson’s Using Adult Stem Cells (News Interactive)

April 30

  • Adult Cells That Reinvent Themselves (Nature)

April 29

April 24

  • Cells In Patients’ Noses Hold Potential To Restore Function In Spinal Cord Injury (Science Daily)
  • Stanford Team Prevents Tissue Rejection Without Drugs (Science Daily)

April 18

  • Focus on Hematopoietic Stem Cells (Nature)
  • Retinal Cell Implants Improve Parkinson’s (New Scientist)

April 16

  • Cloned Adult Neurons Effective Therapy for Strokes (UniSci)

April 15

April 11

  • Autologous Neural Stem Cells Improve PD Symptoms (MedScape – registration required)
  • Spinal Cord Recovery Hurdle Cleared (Nature)

April 09

April 03

  • Canadian Team ‘Supercharges’ Adult Stem Cells (CP)

March 27

  • Stem Cells and Neuropoiesis in the Adult Human Brain (The Lancet – registration required)

March 26

  • Rats With Partial Parkinson’s Damage In The Brain Show Complete Functional Recovery After Gene Therapy (University of Florida Press Release)
  • Researcher Says Media Distorted Adult Stem Cell Studies (CNSNews)

March 22

March 15

  • Experts Question Studies Suggesting Adult Stem Cells Won’t Work (CNS News)

March 07

March 05

  • Transplanted Stem Cells Restore Function In Stroke (Science Daily)
  • Pluripotent Abilities of Stem Cells From Adult Skin Tissue (Stem Cells)

February 26

  • Innovations in Transplantation (MedScape)
  • Cord Blood Transplants: Making Do With Less (MedScape)
  • Gene-based Therapies for the Induction of Spinal Fusion (MedScape)

February 13

  • Tufts University Researchers Engineer First “Custom-Made” Human Knee Ligaments From Adult Stem Cells (Science Daily)

February 11

  • Adult Stem Cells Therapy May Grow Reconstructive Tissue (BBC)

February 01

January 29

January 28

  • Germany: Compromise Position on Imported Stem Cells Presented (Frankfurter Allgemeine)
  • German Debate on Stem-Cell Imports Heats Up as Parliament Decision Nears (Bioresearch)

January 24

  • Scientists Develop Ultimate Stem Cell; Alternative to ‘Therapeutic’ Cloning (BBC)

January 23

  • Ultimate Stem Cell Discovered; ‘Therapeutic’ Cloning, Embryonic Stem Cell Research Unnecessary (New Scientist)

January 15

  • Doctor Gets Grant for Adult Stem-Cell Research (Journal News)

January 14

January 03


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