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December 20

  • Should Companies Market Benefits from Umbilical Cord Stem Cells? (Wired)

December 18

  • Scientists Seek Ways to Rebuild the Body, Bypassing the Embryos (New York Times)
  • Use of Cloning to Tailor Stem Cell Treatment Has Big Hurdles (New York Times)
  • Controversy Over Cloning Reignites in Congress (New York Times)
  • In Tiny Cells, Glimpses of Body’s Master Plan (New York Times)

December 14

  • Human Cloning May Be Impossible and Therapeutic Stem Cell Cloning May Be Unnecessary (Cordis)

December 13

  • Mesenchymal Stem Cell Transplants Not Rejected (BBC)

December 10

December 07

December 05

  • Severed Optical Nerves Can Be Made to Grow Again (New Scientist)

December 03

November 01

August 24

  • Intracoronary, Human Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation For Myocardial Regeneration Following Myocardial Infarction (National Library of Medicine)

August 20

  • High on the Future: Already Saving Lives, Stem-Cell Research May Soon Be in Full Swing  (Seattle Times)

August 10

July 27

  • Navy Cures Radiation Sickness with Adult Stem Cells  (Human Events)

July 25

July 23

July 16

July 09

July 08

June 27

June 21

June 18

June 15

June 12

June 08

  • New Poll: Americans Oppose Destructive Embryo Research, Support Alternatives  (NCCB)
  • Send in the Ban  (National Review)

June 07

  • Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose Human Cloning  (NCCB)

June 04

  • ‘Research Always Runs the Risk of Getting Out of Control’ – An Interview with Erwin Chargaff  (Frankfurter Allgemeine)
  • Stem Cell Therapy May Cure Incontinence  (UVentures) (WebMD)

May 29

  • Stem Cells Help Regenerate Tissue Damaged From Heart Attack  (Science Daily)

May 23

  • The Potential of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells  (The Scientist)

May 22

April 21

April 11

  • Company Says it Can Derive Stem Cells from the Placenta (New York Times)

April 10

April 2

  • Rebuilding Hearts (ABC)

March 30

March 23

  • Sibling Bone Marrow Transplant Done with Stem Cells (UniSci)

March 14

March 09

  • Suit Seeks to Stem Research (Wired)

March 08

  • Parkinson’s Research Is Set Back by Failure of Fetal Cell Implants  (New York Times)

March 01

  • Cell Switch Stems Stem Cell Snit? (Wired)

February 28

  • Limitless Source of Repair Cells Comes From Fat  (Wired)

February 26

February 25

  • Clinics Full of Frozen Embryos Offer a New Route to Adoption (New York Times)

February 17

  • Adult Stem Cells Repair Stroke Damage  (BBC)

January 30

  • Scientists Clear Ethical Barrier:  Adult Stem Cells Reproduce in Lab as Much as Embryonic  (The Globe and Mail)


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