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November 30

  • Turning Blood into Brain: New Studies Suggest Bone Marrow Stem Cells Can Develop into Neurons in Living Animals  (NIH Press Release)

November 29

  • Awaiting the Miracles of Stem-Cell Research  (BusinessWeek)

November 13

November 06

  • Spinal Research with Adult Stem Cells Promising (NPR Audio)

July 20

  • Adult Stem Cells Promise Liver Repair  (BBC)

July 13

June 21

  • New Alchemy: Bone and Cartilage From a Snippet of Skin  (NY Times)

April 20

  • Scientists Get Liver Cells From Adult Blood Stem Cells  (BBC)

March 18

February 21

  • Tissue Engineering – Growing Heart Valves  (AMA)


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