Swiss Researchers ‘Grow’ Cartilage from Bone Marrow Stem Cells

(Swiss Info) – Scientists at the University Hospital of Basel have produced joint cartilage from bone marrow stem cells by preventing them from becoming bone tissue. Under normal conditions the mesenchymal stem/stromal cells from the bone marrow of adults develop … Read More

Researchers Develop New Process to Differentiate Stem Cells

(Medical Xpress) – As scientists try to find early therapy options to fight degenerative disc disease, there has been considerable interest in harnessing stem cells to restore nucleus pulposus, or NP. Previous research shows human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs)—generated … Read More

How ‘Ninja Polymers’ Are Fighting Killer Superbugs

(BBC) – With advances in stem cell research and nanotechnology helping us fight illnesses from heart disease to superbugs, is the fusion of biology and technology speeding us towards a sci-fi future – part human, part synthetic? In Ridley Scott’s … Read More

In a Bid to Promote Stem Cell Therapies, Health Officials Open a New Door for Promising Contenders

(STAT News) – When someone experiences a severe head injury, it’s not just the initial blow that batters the brain. The body’s immune response can go haywire, overwhelming and sometimes continuing to damage the brain for months. Surgeons at Houston’s … Read More

Alzheimer’s Disease Damage Completely Erased in Human Cells by Changing Structure of Protein

(Newsweek) – Scientists in California successfully changed a protein associated with Alzheimer’s disease into a more harmless form, allowing them to erase brain cell damage. The breakthrough is especially important because the research was not conducted on mice but rather … Read More

This Stem-Cell Implant Could Halt an Incredibly Common Cause of Blindness

(MIT Technology Review) – An eye implant made of a thin sheet of human embryonic stem cells might be an effective treatment for a common form of vision loss. Researchers at the University of Southern California grew stem-cell membranes in … Read More

Hong Kong Beauty Salon Blunders Spark Move to Regulate Stem Cell Treatment and Therapies

(South China Morning Post) – The Hong Kong government on Tuesday moved a step closer to regulating stem cell treatment and other “advanced therapy” products in the city as it launched a two-month consultation following recent cases of serious blunders … Read More

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