Scientists Create 3D-Printed Brain-Like Tissue from Stem Cells

(Australian Broadcast Co) – Scientists in Australia have used a 3D printer to create nerve cells found in the brain using a special bio-ink made from stem cells. The research takes us a step closer to making replacement brain tissue … Read More

Dozens of U.S. Clinics Sell Unproven Stem Cell Therapies for Heart Failure

(Reuters) – Stem cell therapy isn’t approved to treat heart failure in the U.S., but dozens of clinics nationwide advertise the treatments anyway, often charging thousands of dollars for procedures that may not be safe or effective, a new study … Read More

At Untested Stem Cell Clinics Advertise for Free!

(Wired) – Advocates of the therapy say that’s just the cost of doing cutting-edge medicine. Except, any proof they have that it is effective comes from data collected on patients who pay thousands of dollars for the treatment. Usually people … Read More

Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Failure Gets a Gold-Standard Trial

(Scientific American) – A cadre of scientists and companies is now trying to prevent or reverse cardiac damage by infusing a cocktail of stem cells into weakened hearts. One company, Melbourne, Australia–based Mesoblast, is already in late-stage clinical trials, treating … Read More

Stem Cells in Sports Medicine: Ready for Prime Time?

(Medscape) – That’s the environment now in which orthopedic sports medicine specialists must operate. Right now, everyone loves the phrase “stem cells.” It means hope for people who haven’t found any relief for an ailment, whether it is arthritis, spinal … Read More

A Stem Cell Transplant Helped Beat Back a Young Doctor’s Cancer. Now, It’s Assaulting His Body.

(Science) – Wartman’s condition is severe but not unusual. GVHD affects up to half of the more than 30,000 people worldwide each year who receive an immune system transplanted from a donor, as either bone marrow or peripheral blood stem … Read More

Human Neural Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Ischemia Stroke

(Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News) – Chronic disability after stroke represents a major unmet neurologic need. ReNeuron’s development of a human neural stem cell (hNSC) therapy for chronic disability after stroke is progressing through early clinical studies. A Phase I … Read More

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