US Health Agency to Crack Down on Risky Stem Cell Offerings

(ABC News) – U.S. health authorities announced plans Thursday to crack down on doctors pushing stem cell procedures that pose the gravest risks to patients amid an effort to police a burgeoning medical field that previously has received little oversight. … Read More

Brain Cells Spun from Skin Point to Subtypes of Autism

(Spectrum) – Several research teams are using so-called induced pluripotent stem cells to study autism. These cells are derived from skin cells and have the same genetic makeup as the donor. A cocktail of chemicals and growth factors transforms the … Read More

Researchers Build a Cancer Immunotherapy without Immune Cells

(The Scientist) – Engineering an immune cell to recognize and kill a cancer cell is the key to chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy, but modified immune cells also have the potential to cause problems for patients. One such complication, … Read More

FDA OKs Merk Drug That Prevents Infection Post-Stem Cell Transplant

(Reuters) – Merck & Co Ltd’s drug to prevent serious infection in patients who undergo a type of stem cell transplant was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the drugmaker said on Thursday.  Merck said the drug, which … Read More

Tiny Human Brain Organoids Implanted into Rodents, Triggering Ethical Concerns

(STAT News) – These micro quasi-brains are revolutionizing research on human brain development and diseases from Alzheimer’s to Zika, but the headlong rush to grow the most realistic, most highly developed brain organoids has thrown researchers into uncharted ethical waters. Like virtually … Read More

A Dying Boy Gets a New Gene-Corrected Skin

(The Atlantic) – In August, De Luca and Pelligrini got the green light to try their technique. In September, they collected a square inch of skin from Hassan’s groin—one of the few parts of his body with intact skin. They … Read More

Skin Regeneration with Insights

(Nature) – Somewhere in Germany’s Ruhr valley, a nine-year-old boy is doing what children do: playing football, joking around with friends and going to school. Two years ago, he was confined to a hospital bed, dying of a rare and … Read More

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