Is Stem Cell Business the ‘Wild West’?

(The Star Tribune) – The liquid is dark red, a mixture of fat and blood, and Dr. Mark Berman pumps it out of the patient’s backside. He treats it with a chemical, runs it through a processor — and injects … Read More

“Young Blood” Anti-Aging Mechanism Called into Question

(Scientific American) – The hunt for the fountain of youth is back to square one—at least for those seeking it in blood. New findings cast doubt on research that attempted to explain why the muscles of an old animal can … Read More

New Biotechnology for High Efficiency Purification of Life Human Cells

(Physorg) – Cell therapies require a purification step that isolates the desired cell types from contaminating cells. Normally cell surface receptors are used as markers to distinguish cell types, but undesired cell types also show these receptors, compromising purification. Evidence … Read More

Artificial-Windpipe Surgeon Committed Misconduct

(Nature) – A famed surgeon committed scientific misconduct in his reports of how he transplanted synthetic windpipes seeded with stem cells into patients, according to an independent investigator. The investigator found that six published papers authored by Paolo Macchiarini, a … Read More

Lymphatic Cells Grown in the Lab for the First Time

(Medical Xpress) – Some scientists had claimed that the lymphatic system was derived from specialized stem cells called angioblasts, whereas others had argued that it originated by the differentiation of pre-existing embryonic veins. It was the latter model that had … Read More

Stem Cells Still Uncharted Territory in Sports

(Sacramento Bee) – That “if” remains problematic for professional athletes and teams that pay them millions. Several years after Nitkowski’s procedure, debate on stem cell therapy for helping rehab injuries is no closer to resolution. Blame it on a lack … Read More

Can We Identify Every Kind of Cell in the Body?

(MIT Technology Review) – How many types of cells are there in the human body? Textbooks say a couple of hundred. But the true number is undoubtedly far larger. Piece by piece, a new, more detailed catalogue of cell types … Read More

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