Crowdfunding Raises Millions for Risky Medical Treatments, Study Says

(CNN) – Certain medical fundraising efforts could do more harm than good for some patients. That’s according to a new research letter published in the medical journal JAMA on Tuesday. The paper found that more than 1,000 online medical crowdfunding … Read More

Researchers Call for a Halt of $63M Cardiac Stem Cell Trial

(Cardiovascular Business) – Cardiologists and researchers alike are calling for the early halt of a national heart stem cell trial after Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital expressed concern earlier this week that some of the work the … Read More

Feds Crack Down on Stem Cell Clinics That Touted Autism Treatments, Blindness Cures

(STAT News) – For the first time, the Federal Trade Commission has cracked down on stem cell clinics for overzealous marketing claims, filing a complaint against two California clinics that promoted their treatments for everything from autism to Parkinson’s despite … Read More

Study to Explore Bioethics of Brain Organoids

(News Medical) – Research scientists around the world are now able to investigate the structural, cellular, and developmental intricacies of the human brain using bioengineered stem cell-based models called organoids. But the ethics to help guide researchers and regulators lag … Read More

Stem Cell Transplant Effective as First Line in Aggressive MS

(Medscape) – More very encouraging data on the use of autologous stem cell transplant in multiple sclerosis (MS) have been presented. There was no evidence of disease activity post transplant in patients who previously had extremely aggressive disease. The case … Read More

Reproduction Revolution: How Our Skin Cells Might Be Turned into Sperm and Eggs

(The Guardian) – If eggs and thus IVF embryos could be produced easily and in large numbers, says Greely, that could change the landscape of assisted conception when combined with the option of genetic screening. This can be done ever … Read More

Healthy Mice from Same-Sex Parents Have Their Own Pups

(Nature) – For the first time, researchers have used the DNA from two mouse mothers to create healthy pups, some of which matured and had their own offspring. The scientists also produced baby mice using the combined genetic material from … Read More

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