Aged Neurons Can Now Be Generated Using Stem Cell Technology

(Eurekalert) – Diseases of human aging have always been difficult to study in the lab. Stem cell technology always had promise, but when scientists reverted a skin cell from an 89-year-old woman back into a stem cell-like state, the cells … Read More

High Dose Chemo & Stem Cell Transplantation Results in Long-Term Survival for Amyloid Patients

(Eurekalert) – Patients with Light-chain (AL) amyloidosis who are treated with high-dose chemotherapy (melphalan) and autologous (one’s own) stem cell transplantation (HDM/SCT) have the greatest success for long-term survival. These findings, which appear as a “Letter” in the journal Blood, … Read More

Kidneys in a Dish: Scientists Reprogram Adult Skin Cells to Make Mini Kidneys

(Australian Broadcasting Corporation) – Adult skin cells have been reprogrammed to make the most mature human kidneys yet to be grown in a dish, say researchers. The mini kidneys have hundreds of filtering units and blood vessels and appear to … Read More

New Stem Cell Treatment May Be the Key to Reversing Age-Related Vision Loss

(Medical Daily) – There could be a new treatment for vision loss on the horizon, thanks to embryonic stem cells and University of Montreal Professor Gilbert Bernier. The researcher published findings Tuesday in the journal Development that detailed a new … Read More

Ask a MacArthur Genius: Can Transplanted Brain Cells Cure Parkinson’s?

(The Washington Post) – Armed with a new language, the cell whisperer headed into clinical trials with a bunch of “beautiful” petri dishes and the conviction that the properly-signaled cells could be implanted into human subjects. It wasn’t quite so … Read More

A Snapshot of Stem Cell Expression

(Eurekalert) – Researchers on the Wellcome Genome Campus reveal new genes involved in stem cell pluripotency, new subpopulations of cells and new methods to find meaning in the data. Published in Cell Stem Cell, the findings have implications for the … Read More

How Stem Cells Defend against Viruses

(Asian Scientist) – Researchers have uncovered the epigenetic mechanisms stem cells use to inhibit virus expression. This work, published in Cell, provides new molecular targets which could advance stem cell therapeutics and diagnostics. Several stem cell types including embryonic and … Read More

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