FDA Chief Pushes Back Against Criticism of Stem Cell Treatment Regulations

(STAT News) – Excitement for stem cell treatments has been growing as scientists have learned more about how the cells could be coaxed into replacing damaged or dead cells throughout the body, with possible treatment applications for a wide range … Read More

Glowing Human Cells May Shed Light on Sickness and Health

(NPR) – A nonprofit research group is giving scientists a new way to study the secret lives of human cells. On Wednesday, the Allen Institute for Cell Science provided access to a collection of living stem cells that have been … Read More

Hype or Help? Stem Cell Clinics Offer Unproven Treatment for Chronic Pain, Other Ailments

(Sacramento Bee) – For long-suffering patients such as Green, stem cells offer tantalizing hope. In the last few years, more than 570 stem cell clinics have popped up nationwide, advertising treatment for a range of maladies, from autism and Alzheimer’s … Read More

Cure for the Deaf

(The Sun) – SCIENTISTS believe they are on the brink of a cure for people born deaf after producing stem cells to correct a hereditary defect. Experts have found a way of growing new cells for the cochlea, the spiral cavity … Read More

Scientists Tissue Engineer Human Intestines and Functioning Nerves

(Science Daily) – Scientists report in Nature Medicine using human pluripotent stem cells to grow human intestinal tissues that have functioning nerves in a laboratory, and then using these to recreate and study a severe intestinal nerve disorder called Hirschsprung’s … Read More

Disgraced Stem-Cell Entrepreneur Under Fresh Investigation

(Nature) – Public prosecutors in Turin, Italy, are investigating whether disgraced stem-cell entrepreneur Davide Vannoni — convicted on criminal charges last year for administering unproven stem-cell therapies in Italy — is offering his treatments again, this time in eastern Europe. In March 2015, Vannoni … Read More

Embryonic Stem Cells and Fetal Tissue Researcher–Will Trump Intervene?

(Science) – Of all the materials valued in biomedical research, embryonic stem (ES) cells and fetal tissue have gotten disproportionate attention from politicians. Because creating ES cell lines initially requires destroying a human embryo, President George W. Bush tightly restricted … Read More

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