Newborn Heart Stem Cells May ‘Reverse Aging’ of Older Hearts, Study Says

(UPI) – Stem cells from young hearts might breathe new life into aging ones, research in rats suggests. In the study, a special type of stem cells was taken from the hearts of newborn rats and injected into the hearts … Read More

Banking a Baby’s Cord Blood May Save Their Life. Is It Worth It?

(New Scientist) – IT IS only half a cup of blood, but it could change your life. Blood taken from a newborn baby’s umbilical cord is a rich source of uniquely potent stem cells. Parents are often encouraged to donate … Read More

Haploid Stem Cells

Scientists have found a way to isolate human haploid embryonic stem cells. What are these cells, and do they avoid some of the ethical issues surrounding human embryonic stem cells? Several press releases have reported on the isolation of a … Read More

Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Failure Gets a Gold-Standard Trial

(Scientific American) – In the days after a heart attack, surviving patients and their loved ones can breathe a sigh of relief that the immediate danger is over—but the scar tissue that forms during the long healing process can inflict … Read More

First Organ-Specific Tissue Sheets

(The Scientist) – An accidental spill in the lab has led to the development of bioactive “tissue papers” that could act as a scaffold to grow cells and repair wounds. Described August 7 in Advanced Functional Materials, the cellular scaffolds … Read More

Opposition Parties Ramp Up Calls to Cancel Appointment of New Science Official

(Korea Herald) – On Monday, Moon appointed Park Ky-young to lead the Science, Technology and Innovation Office at the Ministry of Science and ICT, triggering searing criticism from scientists, politicians and civic groups that called her unfit for the post … Read More

First Implant Derived from Stem Cells to ‘Cure’ Type 1 Diabetes

(New Scientist) – Last week, two people with type 1 diabetes became the first to receive implants containing cells generated from embryonic stem cells to treat their condition. The hope is that when blood sugar levels rise, the implants will … Read More

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