Sweden Won’t Prosecute Italian Stem Cell Scientist

(San Francisco Chronicle) – Swedish prosecutors have abandoned an investigation against a disgraced Italian stem cell scientist suspected of involuntary manslaughter in connection with three patients who died after windpipe transplants. Prosecutor Jennie Nordin said it can’t be proven that … Read More

Are Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Living Up to Their Promises?

(Medical News Today) – The allure of regenerative medicine promises to redefine medical treatment, putting stem cells and biocompatible materials center stage in this revolution. Many breakthroughs have been reported and hailed in scientific journals and the media over the … Read More

Most Versatile Stem Cell Ever May Help Us Understand Miscarriage

(New Scientist) – The most versatile stem cells ever created could enable researchers to better understand the biological mechanisms behind many failed early pregnancies. Pentao Liu of the Sanger Institute in Cambridge, UK, and his team developed the stem cells … Read More

A New Edition of Bioethics Is Now Available

Bioethics (vol. 31, no. 5, 2017) is available online by subscription only. Articles include: “Can Neuroscience Contribute to Practical Ethics? A Critical Review and Discussion of the Methodological and Translational Challenges of the Neuroscience of Ethics” by Eric Racine et … Read More

Charlatans Threaten Stem Cell Research with Unproven Cures, Experts Say

(The Guardian) – The credibility of stem cell research is at risk because of charlatans and dodgy clinics peddling unproven cures for diseases, according to a group of eminent scientists in the field. Stem cell research, or regenerative medicine, has … Read More

Congress Is Considering Restrictions on Fetal Tissue Research. Here’s Why We Still Badly Need It.

(Pacific Standard) – In light of the scientific progress since 2001, the restrictions now proposed by Congress raise an important question: Is fetal tissue genuinely important for medical research? The answer is still yes, and here’s why: Fetal tissue research … Read More

At the Andrews Institute, Stem Cells Are Seen As the Next Stage in Sports Medicine

(Sports Illustrated) – This hope carries widespread implications into the sports world. Fewer surgeries. Faster recovery times. Football and basketball players who return to action after torn ACLs in three to four months. Teams that harvest and bank stem cells … Read More

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