Central Biobank for Drug Research

( – For the development of new drugs it is crucial to work with stem cells, as these allow scientists to study the effects of new active pharmaceutical ingredients. But it has always been difficult to derive enough stem cells … Read More

Researchers Find Method to Expand Blood Stem Cells Used to Treat Cancer Patients

(News-Medical) – A team of scientists from the University of Colorado School of Medicine has reported the breakthrough discovery of a process to expand production of stem cells used to treat cancer patients. These findings could have implications that extend … Read More

Stem Cell Transplants Successful in Stiff Person Syndrome

(Medscape) – An intensive approach to autologous stem cells transplantation has allowed a return to normal function for patients with stiff person syndrome (SPS). Researchers at the Ottawa Blood and Marrow Transplant Program have so far performed transplants on 3 … Read More

Stem Cell Study in Japan Planned for Newborns with Encephalopathy

(The Japan Times) – A Japanese team plans to launch a clinical study in which stem cells contained in umbilical cord blood will be administered to newborns with encephalopathy to prevent severe complications like brain paralysis from occurring. The Health, … Read More

Stem Cell Trial for Spinal Cord Injuries Cleared by FDA

(San Francisco Business Times) – An experimental treatment using controversial embryonic stem cells to fix severe spinal cord injuries has new life under a new company. Asterias Biotherapeutics Inc. of Menlo Park received Food and Drug Administration clearance Wednesday to … Read More

‘Stiff Person Syndrome’ Treated by Stem Cell Transplant

(Fox News) – People with a rare disease called stiff person syndrome, or SPS, might benefit from a type of stem cell transplant that has been used to treat patients with leukemia and multiple sclerosis, researchers say. SPS is a … Read More

The Man Who Grew Eyes

(The Guardian) – On the other side of the door, scientists in the Laboratory for Organogenesis and Neurogenesis are working on something that has fired the imagination of science fiction authors for many years. They are at the cutting edge … Read More

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