Adult Stem Cells

Adult Stem Cells

Date: 07/31/2003

by David A. Prentice, Ph.D. Within just a few years, the possibility that the human body contains cells that can …

Stem Cell Report – Fall 2002

Date: 10/02/2002

“Therapeutic” Cloning No Longer Needed, Says Leading Embryonic Stem Cell Scientist Alan Trounson, Australian embryonic stem cell expert and a …

Do the Math: Experimental Cloning Exploits Women

Date: 07/02/2002

Early this year, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) announced: “Because many eggs are needed for human reproductive cloning attempts, …

Stem Cell Report – Summer 2002

Date: 07/02/2002

Adult Skin Cells Reprogrammed Without Cloning A team of scientists from Norway has succeeded in coaxing one type of adult …

Stem Cell Report – Spring 2002

Date: 05/02/2002

In Humans Treating Parkinson’s with Adult Stems Cell and Other Alternatives Using adult neural stem cells, Dr. Michel Levesque, at …

Stem Cell Report – Fall 2001

Date: 12/02/2001

Adult Stem Cells Can “Be Cultured and Expand Indefinitely” Confirming numerous previous reports, a new report in the journal Blood …

Scientific Problems with Using Embryonic Stem Cells

Date: 11/02/2001

GENE EXPRESSION OF EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS EXTREMELY UNSTABLE A report from the Whitehead Institute explains why there are so many …

Stem Cell Report – July/August 2001

Date: 09/30/2001

As the Administration Moves Forward on Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Adult Stem Cells and Other Alternatives Move Forward on Treating …

Stem Cell Report – May/June 2001

Date: 07/02/2001

First successful human stem cell treatment for heart disease uses adult stem cells The first reports of successful treatment for …

Stem Cell Report – March/April 2001

Date: 05/02/2001

Embryonic stem cell development falls short of previous advance made with adult stem cells Science magazine reports one of the …