Embryonic Stem Cell Research: A Reality Check

Embryonic Stem Cell Research: A Reality Check

Date: 03/02/2002

Embryonic stem cell research is often hailed as having brought us to the brink of curing numerous diseases, including Alzheimer’s, …

New Scientist Reports: “Ultimate Stem Cell Discovered”-And It’s Not Embryonic

Date: 01/24/2002

Research may render recent NAS cloning endorsement moot New Scientist (1/23/02) reports that “a stem cell has been discovered in …

Position Statement on Human Cloning

Date: 11/02/2001

Do No Harm: The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics, opposes human cloning (i.e., human somatic cell nuclear transfer) because …

Scientific Problems with Using Embryonic Stem Cells

Date: 11/02/2001

GENE EXPRESSION OF EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS EXTREMELY UNSTABLE A report from the Whitehead Institute explains why there are so many …

140,000 Petitions Sent to White House in Anticipation of Bush Announcement Tonight

Date: 08/09/2001

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Today, Do No Harm: The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics sent 140,000 petitions to the White …

Skepticism Grows over Claimed Benefits of “Therapeutic Cloning”

Date: 07/31/2001

“The idea of therapeutic cloning is falling from favour.” — Nature, April 5, 2001 As Congress prepares to consider a …

NIH Guidelines (Still) Mislead on Stem Cells

Date: 06/10/2001

NIH unaware or indifferent to adult stem cell research advances In Guidelines issued 8/23/00 for Research Using Human Pluripotent Stem …

Adult Stem Cell Advances Continue to Challenge the “Need” for Destructive Embryonic Research

Date: 05/10/2001

Time to “Revisit” Adult Stem Cell Progress “In our judgment, the derivation of stem cells from embryos remaining following infertility …

Washington Post Blurs Debate on Stem Cell Research

Date: 04/30/2001

In a front-page April 19 story, “Embryonic Breakthroughs,” the Washington Post reports that “publicly funded scientists remain banned from the …

Embryonic Stem Cell Study Replicates Adult Stem Cell Advances Achieved Over a Year Ago

Date: 04/27/2001

A report in today’s issue of Science magazine reports on one of the very few successes scientists have achieved using …