“Falling Behind” in Stem Cell Research

“Falling Behind” in Stem Cell Research

Date: 05/02/2006

Embryonic Stem Cell Research proponents misrepresent recent findings Click here for PDF of original press release Is the United States …

The Real Lesson of the Korean Cloning Scandal

Date: 02/02/2006

While details of the Korean cloning scandal involving disgraced scientist Hwang Woosuk continue to unfold, there is no doubt regarding …

Juvenile Diabetes Patients Need Real Hope, Not Hype and False Promises

Date: 05/19/2005

Click Here for PDF of Original Press Release Embryonic Stem Cells Not The Path To Cures;¬†Adult Stem Cells Give Real …

California’s Questionable Stem-Cell Proposal

Date: 10/05/2004

Richard M. Doerflinger U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops To say that California’s controversial Proposition 71 would fund “both adult and …

The Legend of the 400,000 Embryos

Date: 06/11/2004

That there are 400,000 frozen human embryos that could provide a potentially unlimited supply of stem cells has become a …

Nature Study: No Evidence of Embryonic Stem Cell Advantage in Treating Diabetes

Date: 05/07/2004

Media reports that a study published this week in Nature provides new evidence that embryonic stem cells (ESCs) provide the …

Why Not Expand Stem Cell Research That is Showing Real Results?

Date: 04/28/2004

Proponents of embryonic stem cells (ESCs) are demanding that the Bush Administration increase the number of ESC lines eligible for …

Juvenile Diabetes Patients Need Real Hope, Not Hype

Date: 03/02/2004

Embryonic Stem Cells, Cloning, Are Not Path To Cures March 2, 2004 The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) plans to …

In Lung Research, Embryonic Stem Cells Again Play Catch-Up with Adult Stem Cells

Date: 09/12/2003

According to recent Australian media reports, scientists there have made a “revolutionary breakthrough” by coaxing embryonic stem cells to become …

More Myth than Fact in Cloning Supporter’ Claims

Date: 06/09/2003

The “Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research” (CAMR) is an alliance formed to promote the cloning and killing of …